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Donate To Hurricane Harvey In Houston

HER Harvey Recovery Efforts
The Tech Buyer and Houston Electronic Recycling have teamed up to help our local community! When our team heard this story, we knew we had to help. While we have provided some essentials (mattresses, pillows, refrigerator and more) THEY STILL NEED HELP! Their information is provided below, and ANYTHING will help, even a small food donation - please reach out to them during their time of need. Contact directly: Hung at 832-638-0858

THEIR STORY: During Harvey, a local Vietnamese family had their home flooded - over 5 feet of water entered their home and they lost everything. Just a two days before Hurricane Harvey they changed insurance companies, and they were unable to file a claim due to the flooding. They lost it all including 2 cars and their home. This two family household (12 people total) has very little money, and FEMA says they will help but hasn't been in touch with them yet. They are 4 adults (including an elderly woman), with 8 children combined (ages 6 - 11), and two family ladies are divorced that are trying to do the best for their families given the circumstances. After delivering these items to give this family a new start, they are happy to not have to sleep on the floor and feel very blessed. We are thankful to be in a position to help our neighbors, and encourage everyone to do the same.